If Ernest Hemingway and Ezra Pound were to meet in Troy, they would surely be at the Leaf & Vine, tossing back their favorite drinks. They would be here because “The Leaf” is a bar they would recognize — a classic place that is part saloon, part midtown bar — a place tastefully simple yet shimmering with subtle elegance.

The bar at the Leaf & Vine is long and has hosted the elbows of some of the region’s most colorful characters. Round-top tables line the far wall, tempting patrons who seek a more intimate setting. For those who want the best table in the house, a grand staircase leads to the second floor where a cozy balcony creates an atmosphere of a private box seat at an opera house. The balcony is also a great place to view the stage where crowds have been entertained by local and regional musicians.

For those who like to sit outside, the back patio is a leafy, garden retreat — a setting to enjoy the warmer months — day or night.

Located downtown, on the square, the Leaf & Vine is the place for any occasion, whether you need to relax and unwind after work, or you are looking for an evening on the town.

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